Here are some samples of the borders H & H Ceramic Tilers have created and installed.

All of the borders in these photo's have been cut on site by ourselves from either full tiles or full mosaic sheets.


This border we cut from 300mm x 300mm black "Nero" marble tiles and 300mm x 300mm tumbled marble mosaic sheets 


This sample was cut from 400mm x 400mm granite tiles and 300mm x 300mm travertine mosaic sheets.


 In this instance we cut 400mm x 400mm granite tiles (which can be seen laid on the window sill) into 50mm strips and blue marble 400mm x 400mm tiles down to 100mm and created this very attractive design to complement the blue marble bath panel.


400mm x 400mm granite tiles cut into 100mm strips.  An effective 45 degree or diamond pattern border.



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